Our Story

Our Story

In the Beginning

The dream of founding SUURV Technologies emerged after a study of how the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry worked in corporate America. At the time, many companies hired their own internal IT staff. Our research indicated that this was a significant pain point for many small to medium-sized businesses. So we created a business model with three core fundamentals that would distinguish us from the rest of the industry:

  1. Provide highly skilled technicians that place the customer’s needs first and foremost.
  2. Offer white-glove managed IT services that would eliminate the need for a business to hire their own staff.
  3. Supplement internal staff so they can focus on priorities that are more impactful for the business.

SUURV is so much more than a “break-fix” IT company. We provide strategic consulting and proactive auditing for all our clients. This will save you time, money, and most importantly, from IT-induced migraines. More on that here.

Our Unique Name

The name of the company was to be based on one powerful word, “SERVE.” The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary provides more clarity as to why:

  • to be a servant
  • be of use
  • to be favorable, opportune, or convenient
  • be worthy of reliance or trust
  • to hold an office: discharge a duty or function
  • prove adequate or satisfactory
  • to wait on customers

The definition of “serve” described perfectly how we wanted to conduct our business—with a servant’s heart. Initially, the motto was, “If you want to be a leader, you must serve.” The Founders understood these principles and decided that all future team members would share these virtues. In other words, they are foundational to our culture.

The final decision to arise from the brainstorming sessions was how to spell the word, “serve,” both uniquely and with a creative flare. So on that day, it was written in stone. Our company became SUURV... still pronounced the same way, but trademarked for exclusivity.

Our Story Continues: Building a Great Company

Greatness requires service! That’s the big idea. The guiding principles of SUURV are reflected in these statements:

  • Great results are achieved through the efforts of many. Nobody will follow you unless you serve.
  • People will go further, faster, harder, and achieve more when they know you care. They know you care by your passion to serve.
  • Anything achieved for oneself is only meaningful to that person. In contrast, the greatest achievements are those that impact the greatest number of people. To accomplishing anything great, you must first serve.

To all our future employees and customers: If it’s true that greatness requires service, then where must we begin?

  • Listen more: Hold more meetings for the team, and fewer for yourself. Allow them to set the tone and raise issues that matter most in their world. This requires personal confidence and a lack of insecurity, but it will be appreciated more than you can imagine. The smartest leaders listen more than they speak.
  • Be available: It’s meaningless for a leader to say they have an open-door policy but is seldom available to meet. Don’t overschedule time to get work done to the point of squeezing out time to be present with your team and customers. Be intentional about being accessible.
  • Know your people: If you are only interested in their professional results, they won’t be interested in your mission. Get to know your team and customers on a more personal level. Take time to discover who they are outside of the work environment. What are their passions, family interests, and hobbies? You must see to be seen.

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