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Improving Security, IT Management, and Accessibility

Cyber Talk recently issued a special report entitled, “Security for Financial Firms 2021.” The statistics are alarming. Financial service companies experienced a 238% increase in cyber attacks during the first part of 2020. In addition, over a billion dollars were stolen from financial institutions each month according to the US Department of Treasury’s “Financial Crimes Enforcement Network,” (source). Sadly, these attacks are increasing in frequency, and their success rate continues to climb.

Financial Services Industry, Managed Service Provider

Today, every company in the financial industry is at risk. These looming perils are either mitigated by top-notch cybersecurity experts, or they remain open invitations for opportunistic criminals. SUURV stands ready to advance to the frontlines of your technology infrastructure, build a fortress around your data, and provide an unparalleled number of services for your financial service company.

Our digital technologies and cutting-edge innovations help make financial firms and banks more secure, agile, efficient, and sustainable. We help your IT systems perform optimally so you can focus on what makes your business great. Most importantly, financial services organizations need a trusted MSP partner that is thoroughly knowledgeable of the financial industry’s compliance and security standards. To that end, we invite you to leverage the fully power of our technology.

SUURV provides the tools and oversight for financial service institutions to secure their network infrastructures. Our expertise in this area encompasses banking and insurance companies, as well as capital markets and payment processing gateways. We have helped major, global financial and banking institutions with their mission critical IT services and network infrastructure enabling them to respond rapidly to market opportunities. Our goal is to help you meet the rigid compliance requirement and security threats you may be facing right now and reduce your costs in the process.

Finally, there’s one last thing you might consider. If your systems are unstable or unsecure, it will ultimately cost you money in downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenues. We provide the solutions so financial institutions can equip their employees to work more efficiently and exceed the company’s goals. We help drive operational excellence so you can navigate the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets and help you rise above the competition in the financial services industry.

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