CISCO Meraki

CISCO Meraki

Stage 1

When the cloud was first developed, it offered businesses the opportunity to back up their data, store it at an offsite location, and ensure that it could be accessed anywhere, at any time, and on most devices. It also provided a type of “digital insurance” in the event of a crisis.

Business leaders everywhere cheered the development of this new type of cloud as it floated over industries large and small. However, it wasn’t long before they grew bored with this new technology and asked, “What’s next? When will another majestic cloud appear on the horizon?”

Stage 2

Cisco Meraki, Cloud Controlled NetworkingMonths passed. Interest peaked as business leaders waited with bated breath. Finally, the masters of the cloud unveiled their next invention, “Today, we give thee ‘cloud computing.’ Users no longer need to install new programs on their low-spec computers. Now, you may run apps with an internet browser and a login alone.”

Once again, business leaders applauded these new developments. Wall Street did too! Apps in the cloud rocked and soon became the latest rage. But once again, the people grew bored and asked, “What’s next?”

Stage 3

Finally, the masters of the cloud, a.k.a. Cisco geniuses, made a final proclamation. “Today we unveil our most ambitious project ever. This will change the way you think about technology infrastructure, budgeting, and hiring staff who dwell in dark server closets...”

Drumroll please as the angelic choir now reaches a crescendo... “We give thee Meraki—cloud-controlled networking.”

So, you’re reading this now and wondering, “What?”

We understand. No worries! Give us a call and we promise to blow your mind. If you’re a super-nerd like we are, click on the links below to get a head start on the latest cloud developments. At SUURV, we are team Meraki from the very beginning. Learn more below! You can also call (210) 874-5900 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.