What Is a Managed Service Provider?

What Does An MSP Do?

SUURV can supplement or replace your IT Staff.

What Is a Managed Service Provider? The Basics:

For starters, most Managed Service Providers (MSP) offer technical support that is limited to the bare minimum requirements of the industry—remote monitoring, maintaining the IT infrastructure, and management of the service level agreement. Customarily, the minimum requirements/expectations of MSPs are uptime, responsiveness, and ensuring that the terms of the service level agreement are met. Moreover, if the MSP is equipped with the necessary resources and expertise, they may recommend and implement new hardware and software that will benefit a company.

What is a Managed Service Provider

What Is an Outstanding Managed Service Provider?

Unfortunately, most MSPs fall short in providing Professional Services that are ambitious by their design, complexity, and scope. By contrast, this is a key differentiator in the way that SUURV operates. For this reason, we love to manage strategic initiatives and/or stand-alone projects from the beginning of their lifecycle to the end. We achieve these goals for our clients by offering strategic planning and project management services that have a proven track record.

These are the common frustrations that are symptomatic of larger problems resulting from poorly managed IT:

  • Delayed resolution
  • Recurring downtime
  • Data loss
  • Unpredictable budgets

These pain points are greatly diminished when strategic planning aligns the best technology with your business goals. Furthermore, our comprehensive approach to managed IT services will keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly, today and in the future. Imagine what it would be like to have an exceptional IT company working for you with predictable costs. We take care of the technology that will meet your goals so your employees can stay focused on supporting your customers. Hire us and you will instantly gain access to our proprietary technologies that can increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences!

Bottom line, we provide the experts that manage the technology. And rest assured, your data will be protected.

What Is a Strategic Managed Service Provider? Someone Who Cuts Costs, Wisely!

We can help whether you plan to outsource your entire IT department or need qualified hands and better tools to support your existing team. Many businesses have already discovered that it’s more economical and secure to outsource their IT. So, what’s the difference between IT outsourcing and managed services? We often use the terms IT outsourcing and managed services interchangeably in the technology industry. However, an MSP is supposed to take a more proactive approach. SUURV is proactive and has the capacity to handle the management responsibilities and all critical functions of your company’s technology—top to bottom.

Cost Considerations

How much do Managed Services cost? This is a big one! The simple answer is that it will cost significantly less than hiring your own IT team, or a highly paid employee. Please don't make the mistake of choosing the cheapest MSP you find. Why? Most MSPs fail in the first three years because they don't know how to price their services. The risk to you is that they often cannot scale their services as your company grows. Other times they fail because the owners are the only ones willing to work for low wages... but only until they discover that Walmart is paying more per hour than they earn themselves!

SUURV employees are seasoned MSP veterans who know the industry. We can scale with your company. SUURV employees are happy with their jobs and make a decent living fixing your computers... and they actually get vacations! Our friendly staff love coming to work. This is why companies who use SUURV are always pleased with their decision!

In conclusion, our MSP services will improve your company's agility and scalability, while you focus on your core business. From answering simple help desk questions to building servers tailored to your business needs, SUURV will handle the day-to-day IT tasks and projects you may not have the time or resources for.

In summary, SUURV’s IT services include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Monitoring
  • Enterprise Application Support (assisting with software deployment, etc.)
  • Server Administration
  • OS Patching (taking care of updates and fixing bugs automatically so your applications run as smoothly as possible.)
  • Managed Anti-Virus (we run scans for viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other forms of malware, and actively prevent issues from occurring.)
  • DNS Network Filtering (blacklisting websites that drain employee productivity, or pose significant legal risk to the company, or those which might introduce malware to your network.)
  • Proactive Remediation
  • Network Configuration & Monitoring
  • Cloud Backups (Managing your data and storing it off-site from your location to decrease the amount of downtime you may experience in the event of a breach, attack, or other disaster.)
  • Third-Party Patching
  • Unlimited Remote Support (Our techs are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.)
  • Remote Desktop Access from Anywhere (allows our techs to remote into your machines so we can more quickly diagnose and correct common issues.)

In addition to these IT services listed above, we provide you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and a Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) to keep your business running as efficiently and strategically as possible. To learn more about these roles, click here.

Bottom line, "what is a managed service provider?" It's someone who can help you achieve all your business goals.