IT Strategy & Planning

IT Strategy & Planning


The lone eagle is a timeless symbol of excellence and is admired around the world. For many, it represents noble attributes, such as bravery, leadership, determination, and grace. It’s the apex of its kind and soars above all competition. At SUURV, we are fans of the eagle. In fact, we would rather be eagles than Thanksgiving turkeys. So be on the lookout. Today, there are many turkeys posing as eagles in the IT industry, and they can’t help your company take flight or rise above the clouds.

IT Strategy, Managed Service Provider

Strategic planning is what separates SUURV Technologies and allows us to soar above the competition. It also enables us to help you do the same. Your company most likely has goals, a mission, and a vision. Unfortunately, many business leaders don’t know how to include their IT department during the planning process to achieve those goals. The result is implementing technology solutions that limit or fail to enable growth.

The IT Strategy Roadmap

At SUURV, we assist you in accomplishing all your directives by means of implementing a technology roadmap tailored to your specific needs. Long-term vision with direction and measurable milestones will lead to successful results. SUURV will assign each company a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who will be available during the strategic planning process and follow up to deliver results.

While many businesses are laser focused on achieving their goals, they don’t realize how many technological solutions are available to help them succeed. Technology is often the deciding factor when it comes to outperforming your competitors. There are better software solutions, better equipment, better communication methods, and more efficient data sharing strategies available. This is why the experts in technology on the scene helping to drive every successful business today

IT Strategy and Budgeting

The first step in considering SUURV is to allot enough resources in your budget for the improvements that drive efficiency. After all, the more efficient an organization becomes, the higher the profit margins rise... like the eagle! Our vCIO will work closely with you to choose the best technology solutions and ensure that you understand benefits to the bottom line. You will have a clear, detailed path to follow.

Strategy explains the "how to," but Planning answers the question of "why should we?" Planning goes well beyond the discussion of when to purchase new laptops or renew antivirus software. Here are a few of the planning challenges your vCIO can walk you through:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Budgeting for server replacement
  • Opportunities for expanding operations
  • Moving or adding office locations
  • Working from home and the office seamlessly

We know how to implement the technology that enables the transition from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. If you see opportunity in gaining access to cutting-edge technology, we can get you out of the nest and into the sky. Your business is an eagle in the making. Our experts will help you develop an IT strategy and plan that fits your needs and budget. We will assess your current environment, design your network, remediate security and performance vulnerabilities, and develop a roadmap.

Your competition may acknowledge of your business one day, “The Eagle has landed.” So “Cheers” and let’s make this happen... together!

Your IT strategy should include an managed service provider

Most companies feel that their current technology solutions are a hindrance to workflow and productivity. A well-developed strategy will eliminate barriers between departments and cast a clear vision.

  • Tailored recommendations
  • IT budgeting and planning
  • Dedicated vCIO
  • Quarterly Reviews

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