Network & Server Management

Network & Server Management

We are always on the hunt for a good analogy to help explain technology concepts for our clients. Here’s one for you. Information Technology in many ways shares similarities to physiology. Take the backbone for instance. Animals that have a backbone can grow far greater in size than any invertebrate ever has. The backbone offers invaluable protection for the spinal cord and allows for a much greater range of motion. So, there you have it: protection, range of motion and growth.

Computer Network Management

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Computer networks are the backbone of business success today. Fundamentally, they should offer protection for your company, the ability to move quickly or pivot when opportunities arise, and growth—the ability to scale operations and support consumer demand.

If you are constantly running into issues with your network, then you may be experiencing significant financial losses in these areas:

  • Wasted manpower
  • Reduced sales
  • Broken revenue streams

Like most companies, your IT infrastructure is probably a combination of legacy, on-premise systems and new technologies, such as hybrid and cloud infrastructure that need to be maintained and secured to match your business needs. From cloud and on-premise infrastructure, to network and asset management, we optimize your infrastructure, improve visibility, and deploy new technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. In fact, our network services include 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of appliances (routers, switches, access points, etc.), proactive analysis, network configuration management, software license management, and cellular failover services. We mainly utilize Cisco technologies within our network stack because of their proven reliability and reputation for security.

Server Management

Most importantly, SUURV takes pride in our server management technicians. They take on the responsibilities of routine maintenance and optimizing your servers to run like Olympians who don’t break a sweat and still win the gold. When something needs to run, it should win, right? In addition, our technicians oversee the administration of hardware, virtual instances, mission critical software, security, and backups. They will help maintain your servers in such a way that slowdowns and downtime are greatly reduced, in addition to creating a secure environment. Furthermore, SUURV will strive to ensure that your servers are running optimally around the clock and your data is accessible even as your organization grows. Truly, that’s how the backbone should function.

Has your network manager calculated the cost of downtime?

You should! Network and server outages are not only frustrating but incredibly expensive. How? Not surprisingly, they often factor into diminished employee productivity, increased operating costs, and most regrettably, LOST customers.

  • Nationwide support
  • Experienced Server Techs
  • Knowledgeable Network Techs
  • Trusted IT Service Provider

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