IT Networking

IT Networking


Imagine life without glue. That’s right, the sticky stuff that adheres to surfaces, hardens, and holds things together. Surprisingly, archaeologists believe that Neanderthals invented glue around 200,000 years ago. What did they use it for? They needed a strong substance to attach the sharpened flint rocks to the shaft of their spears. After one discovered a tar-like substance seeping from birch trees, he yelled something like, “Eureka,” and then shared this amazing new technology with his buddies. This allowed Neanderthals to hunt more efficiently, and basically, survive... evidence of which can be seen in some of those Geico cavemen commercials.

IT Networking & Communications

IT Networking, Managed Service Provider

If you understand glue, then you can wrap your mind around how IT Networking functions. Basically, networking is the glue that binds our communication methods together. When the computing devices you operate are interconnected and communicating with each other, voila, a network is born. In this analogy, the glue may be made up of ethernet cabling, fiber, radio waves, satellites, cellular, Bluetooth or some other technology... but probably not birch bark, though we have seen some weird stuff. Bottom line, data must be able to connect from one physical point to another physical point.

Consider that your phone calls, emails, websites, etc. all rely on the ability of data to be processed, broken down, reassembled, converted, and interpreted—all at a high rate of speed, from the point of origin to the user’s endpoint. Today, Neandertals would be so proud to discover how we have advanced their invention of glue, though we doubt they would understand it. One word of caution, some may still exist today... masquerading as IT specialists. We have seen some mysterious, oversized footprints in server closets after a company’s network crashed, and we were called in to restore operations... with a curious hint of birchwood wafting through the air.

IT Networking Partner

Seriously, with all the devices that allow us to communicate, it is imperative you find the right technology partner that is well versed in setting up, configuring, and architecting networks. IPv6 rollouts will continue to accelerate. Is your team ready? While most equipment is ready by default, your network configuration may not be secure, especially when considering the multitude of connections binding them together. SUURV can assess your situation, enhance the health of your network environment, and harden your security against threats.

Here are a few things on the horizon you should be considering today:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to expand. And while this is a great thing for automation, attackers will be using AI as well. Having a next-generation firewall with heuristic filtering will be essential to combat these attacks in the future.
  • 5G will become a go-to alternative for cellar failover and will even replace your internet connection in some instances.
  • SD-WAN will become the norm. If you haven't heard of SD-WAN, it's either because you only have one business location, or you are doing things the old-fashioned way.

It's time to upgrade your network infrastructure!

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