Compliance Audits: Lessons from the SEC Lawsuit of SolarWinds

compliance audits

A Brief History On October 30, 2023, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against SolarWinds, the information technology firm that fell victim to a Russian-backed hacking group in a major cyber-espionage incident in 2019. The SEC alleges that SolarWinds committed fraud and failed to maintain adequate internal controls for several years leading…

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Changing Ownership on a Gen2 Plus Ubiquiti Cloud Key

Gen2 Plus Ubiquiti Cloud Key

Changing ownership on a Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is a straightforward process that involves transferring the management of the device from one Ubiquiti account to another. This can be useful when you need to hand over control of the Cloud Key to another user or if you want to consolidate devices under a single…

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Data Backup and Recovery: Ensuring Business Continuity

Data Backup and Recovery Image featuring a cloud on a laptop

In the heart of a bustling city, ThetaX Engineering (name changed) thrived as a leading firm renowned for their innovative designs. They grew rapidly due to their reputation for quality work, but it was their strategic data backup and recovery plan that proved to be their saving grace. One stormy afternoon, a lightning strike zapped…

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Ten Tips for Parents to Foster Safe Online Practices in Children

Foster Safe Online Practices in Children

Every generation of parents faces unique challenges in parenting as society advances and evolves. The upbringing in the 70s differed significantly from the 90s, and both seem vastly different from the present era. Listening to my father’s tales of his childhood feels like stepping into a different world altogether. In today’s digital age, with the…

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Why IT Compliance Audits Are Critical for Your Business

image of an IT professional conducting an IT Compliance Audit

Overview: Step-by-Step Guidelines There are six steps to conducting an IT Compliance Audit. It is worth mentioning that the steps listed below, and their details may vary depending on the specific audit methodology and standards used in a particular business environment. The Risks of Non-Compliance Not conducting an annual IT compliance audit can put an…

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How to Create a Business Continuity Plan

business continuity plan graphic

In the wake of the recent ransomware breach at Rackspace, many of their customers lost all access to their email accounts, calendars, and other critical information. The company responded by initiating emergency protocols. User accounts were migrated from Rackspace’s hosted Exchange to Microsoft’s O365 platform. Despite restoring services, users lost all their data due to…

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The Hidden Costs of DIY IT

hidden costs of IT - Suurv Technologies

The Money Pit is a classic movie released in 1986. Tom Hanks and Shelly Long star as a married couple who purchased their dream home in a distressed real estate sale. Unfortunately, the house begins to fall apart immediately. The front door separates from the house and crashes into the lawn. The bathtub falls through…

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How Scammers Steal Information. What You Need to Know about Social Engineering.

Article Summary: The phrase “social engineering” is used to describe a wide variety of scamming tactics that hackers use when interacting with their potential victims. Often times, unsuspecting people are duped into divulging critical information or committing security blunders. Scammer attacks generally fall into one of these five categories: baiting, scareware, pretexting, phishing, and spear…

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Cisco Umbrella Pulls Out of Russia and Belarus

Cisco Umbrella

On August 1st, 2022, Cisco Umbrella began blocking all traffic originating out of Russia and Belarus (source). This move was first announced by the company on March 3rd to show support for their customers and employees in Ukraine and to condemn Russia’s aggression against their country. What implications does this have for your business? Here…

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