The Benefits of Integrating Your IT Department in Executive Meetings

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The Case for an Integrated Approach

An information technology (IT) company has the potential to play a variety of roles within a business, depending on the specific needs and goals of the organization. Some of the key roles that an IT company might fulfill within a business include:

  1. Technology consultant: Many IT companies offer consulting services to help businesses identify their technology needs and develop strategies for implementing and using technology effectively. This may involve conducting assessments of the organization’s current technology infrastructure and making recommendations for improvements or upgrades.
  2. Technology implementation and integration: Once a business has identified its technology needs, an IT company can help to implement and integrate new technology into the organization. This may involve installing new hardware and software, configuring systems and networks, and providing training and support to employees.
  3. Technology maintenance and support: An IT company can also provide ongoing maintenance and support for a business’s technology infrastructure. This often includes providing technical support to employees, conducting regular maintenance and updates, and responding to any technical issues or outages that may occur.
  4. Cybersecurity: As the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow, many IT companies are also focusing on helping businesses to protect their data and systems from cyber threats. This can involve activities such as: involve providing cybersecurity training to employees, implementing security protocols and technologies, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.
  5. Data management: IT companies can also help businesses to manage their data effectively. This may involve developing and implementing data management strategies, designing and building databases, and providing data analytics services to help businesses make informed decisions based on data.
  6. Cloud computing: Many IT companies also offer cloud computing services, which allow businesses to store and access data and applications remotely, rather than on local servers. This can be a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes, and can also help to improve security and accessibility.

Overall, an IT company can play a vital role in helping businesses to leverage technology to achieve their goals and improve their operations. By providing consulting, implementation, maintenance, cybersecurity, data management, and cloud computing services, an IT company can help businesses to make the most of their technology investments and stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

The Downside of a Siloed Approach

On the other hand, failing to include the IT department in decision making can lead to a number of risks for a business, including:

  1. Lost opportunities: The IT department has expertise in the latest technologies and trends and may be able to identify opportunities for the business to leverage technology to improve its operations or gain a competitive advantage. If the IT department is not involved in decision making, the business may miss out on these opportunities.
  2. Inadequate technology infrastructure: If the IT department is not involved in decision making, the business may not have the appropriate technology infrastructure in place to support its operations. This can lead to inefficient processes, reduced productivity, and increased costs.
  3. Security vulnerabilities: The IT department is responsible for managing and protecting the business’s technology and data. Once again, if the IT department is not involved in decision making, the business may be at greater risk for security breaches or other cyber threats.
  4. Legal and regulatory compliance: Many businesses are subject to laws and regulations that pertain to the use and handling of data and technology. Most importantly, if the IT department is not involved in decision making, the business is at risk for non-compliance and could face fines or legal action.

Overall, including the IT department in decision making can help a business to minimize the risks associated with each of the areas mentioned above. SUURV Technologies can help your business move in this direction. Simply call (210) 874-5900 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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